“Bringing lovers of natural wood together.”

How we started?

The Wood Colony was started as a platform for us to share our love for customized wood slabs with like-minded individuals. As home owners ourselves, we always wanted to incorporate natural elements in our furniture choices. Also, we wanted this investment to be worthwhile by customizing certain elements of our furniture, resulting in an exclusive piece of art. We realized our options were very limited when we were shopping, and we decided to take things into hand, the rest is history.

The “Colony”

At the Wood Colony, we don’t just provide you with the best deals and service, we hope to build a colony of people who are drawn together for the love of beautifying our homes and offices with natural woodwork. Concurrently, wwant to bring together people who appreciates the experience of choosing their unique piece of customized furniture. 

Our Slabs

As we believe in embracing all aspects of what mother nature presented, all our slabs are kept in their original states as much as possible. We respect all our wood slabs for their unique characteristics and we hope to deliver these slabs in its most original form to you.  

Suar wood (aka rain tree or monkey pod) and teak wood (Jati) are currently what we have for you as they exude different characteristics for your indoor and outdoor usage. Do drop by and let our friendly wood lovers share more about these wood pieces with you. 

The Shopping Experience

Pop into our showroom and you will be promised with an unforgettable shopping experience where you could create your unique piece of furniture. Our showroom is designed to allow you to visualize how our wood slabs can complement your living space regardless of design themes. From the Scandinavian theme to industrial based design and to the all season modern contemporary theme, our wood slabs will definitely stand out in them. 

At the Wood Colony, we don’t just want customers; we want customers who eventually become family. As such, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Speak to our friendly staff today to find our more. Be part of the family, be part of The Wood Colony. 

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