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About Us

"Bringing lovers of natural
wood together."

It all started with a deep-seated passion and love for the beauty of natural wood. We always wanted a way to maintain aspects of the natural wood in our furniture, while also having it custom made in designs we picked out so that it would fit just right. Realizing how limited our options were, we took up the mantle to search for a means to get all this, and share our discoveries with fellow lovers and fans of exclusivity and wood art! From there, The Wood Colony was established.

At The Wood Colony, we hope to build a colony of people who are drawn together by their common desire to beautify their homes, offices and other spaces with natural woodwork. Concurrently, we seek to bring together people who appreciate the experience of choosing their very own unique pieces of customised furniture.

How we started?

The Wood Colony was started as a platform for us to share our love for customized wood slabs with like-minded individuals. As home owners ourselves, we always wanted to incorporate natural elements in our furniture choices. Also, we wanted this investment to be worthwhile by customizing certain elements of our furniture, resulting in an exclusive piece of art. We realized our options were very limited when we were shopping, and we decided to take things into hand, the rest is history.

The "Colony"

At the Wood Colony, we don’t just provide you with the best deals and service, we hope to build a colony of people who are drawn together for the love of beautifying our homes and offices with natural woodwork. Concurrently, we want to bring together people who appreciates the experience of choosing their unique piece of customized furniture. 
The Wood Colony

Our Slabs

At The Wood Colony, we take pride in the superior quality of our wood slabs. We have an impressive array of wood slabs obtained from different tree types and species which come in a variety of veins, shapes, colors and sizes that you can choose from. Every slab of wood we source is well selected for the natural swirls of the wood grain itself, and are carefully treated to ensure long-lasting preservation of its distinctive qualities. Being in a tropical country ourselves, we actively seek out wood slabs that are suitable for the tropical weather, from around the world.

90% of our finished products are made from solid, single piece wood with no joints, while the rest of our finished products are made with mix and match pieces of wood. Having been in the business of furniture customisation and export for years, we offer unique customisation service where you can choose your preferred type of wood as well as the colour and shape of the desired furniture legs to make into the perfect furniture you desire.

The Shopping Experience

Pop into our showroom and you will be promised with an unforgettable shopping experience where you could create your unique piece of furniture. Our showroom is designed to allow you to visualize how our wood slabs can complement your living space regardless of design themes. From the Scandinavian theme to industrial based design and to the all season modern contemporary theme, our wood slabs will definitely stand out in them.

At the Wood Colony, we don’t just want customers; we want customers who eventually become family. As such, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Speak to our friendly staff today to find our more. Be part of the family, be part of The Wood Colony. 
  Our Vision  

Our Vision

  To share our love and appreciation of natural wood with everyone.  
  Our Mission  

Our Mission

  Our mission is to provide you with an array of comfortable, safe and affordable wood slab options, giving you the chance to inject quality into your living space by customizing furniture that fits into your lifestyle, thereby effectively embracing nature in your daily life.

Our Featured Woods

South American Walnut

The South American Walnut is usually harder, denser and of darker coloring. Typically straight grained, its heartwood tends to be darker with a deep chocolate brown color coupled with a purplish hue throughout. It may also contain streaks of lighter-colored wood. It has a fair texture and natural luster, making it a premium choice of wood for furniture use.
South American

North American Black Walnut

The black walnut is a workable hardwood that develops a lustrous patina over time, adding to its elegant feel. Its heartwood is a combination of rich dark brown with subtle tones of purple whereas the sapwood has lighter creamy straw tones creating a wonderful contrast that is aesthetically appealing. This makes it a highly sought-after choice of slab for bookmatched furniture, as it combines perfectly to create a uniform look while accentuating its unique wood grains.
North American
Black Walnut

African Mahogany

The African mahogany’s heartwood color ranges from very pale pink to deeper reddish brown, sometimes with streaks of medium to dark reddish brown. Its color tends to darken with age, and it has a straight to interlocked grain of fair texture and natural luster. It has a classic feel and timeless beauty to it that makes it a popular choice for antique-like contemporary furniture.

Why Choose Us

  • We care about your health, which is why we use Belgium-imported water resistant protective coats as they are totally plant-based and completely safe to use on living space furniture rather than the chemical based lacquer coating. It also has the added benefit of giving you a feel of the grainy texture of the wood underneath that misses with chemical coating.

  • We enhance product longevity by using a special kiln dry method that ensures no moisture is trapped within the wood, followed by dip treatment to protect the wood against termites.

  • For your peace of mind, we got you covered on wood care matters. We offer 6 months of free maintenance and repairs against manufacturing defects so you can be assured of the quality you are getting. Free guidance on care will be provided.


We do not over price our items by incorporating hidden costs into them.

Shipping is calculated based on where you stay so you do not overpay.


Your overall shopping experience is of utmost importance to us, we strive to deliver only the best to you

We treat and finish our slabs personally and with lots of love so you are fully satisfied with them. Aftersales issues? We are trained to handle and treat all your pieces bought from us!


Come join us on your customization journey to create your unique piece of furniture!
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