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Why buy from us?

As solid wood furniture gains popularity in today’s market, customers are flooded with various avenues to purchase their valued slabs and furniture. These are some of the concerns commonly mentioned by our customers.
  1. Should we shop online or from actual brick and mortar shops?
  2. Should we purchase from resellers or directly from the factory?
  3. Should we pay a premium to get completely finished and treated solid wood furniture or do we purchase an untreated slab at a discount?
  4. What happens if our solid wood pieces crack after delivery?
  5. Is there a lot of maintenance required for your wood pieces?
Discerning consumers nowadays might face difficulty in choosing the right place and piece to get given these concerns, especially here in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
At the Wood Colony, we are here to address these concerns, giving our customers the assurance they deserve upon shopping with us.

Online VS brick and mortar shops

E commerce is the way to go in the long run for most businesses. This is a fact which we have to accept regardless of how much we might loathe this idea. However, we believe that selecting a solid wood slab for your home is a truly enjoyable and personalized process. No two pieces are identical and color tone usually differs between the actual item and on photographs. This is why we often encourage our customers to personally shop at our showroom so one can visualize and feel what their piece will look like in person.

Our showroom has been tastefully designed to encompass various design concepts so that our clients can better imagine how their slabs will look like in their place. Come on down today to feel it yourself! Oh, did we mention? Coffee is on us at our showroom!


Resellers VS Factory

Since solid wood furniture has gained its footing in recent times, we can see more of such pieces appearing in various shopfronts. However, a lot of these places do not house the necessary skills and equipment to treat and fix up all your wood-related issues after purchase. Simply put, solid wood slabs do show minor issues like cracks and warping if they are not treated properly from the start. Often, common wear and tear signs would also render owners dumping their precious piece when in fact all these problems can be resolved if one has gotten their piece from a seller which houses their own production capabilities.

We deliberately import our pieces unfinished and treated so that we can control their final outcome and quality. In time to come, should our customers required maintenance service to restore their pieces to their original luster, we are able to execute such requests.


Complete Finished Furniture VS Unfinished Furniture

This is a common issue met by some buyers in Malaysia. Some consumers approach us to treat and finish an unfinished piece which they bought at a huge discount elsewhere and this usually works out to be more expensive than them getting the entire piece from us initially.

This is because different sellers treat or finish their products differently (provided they are treated) and for a different individual to refinish that piece, a complete sand down is required usually. The amount of manhours required for such a job usually outweighs the cost savings made during the initial purchase.

For one off single piece, metal fabrication of table legs would also cost more since there is no economy of scale to the job.

As such, we often encourage our customers to factor in all these hidden costs before they make the decision to buy unfinished or badly finished pieces.


Cracks after delivery

At the Wood Colony, we kiln dry our pieces thoroughly before sending them out to you. However, as with all wood slabs, it is impossible to place a 100% guarantee that the piece will not crack upon delivery.

This is why we offer a 6 months warranty against cracks and manufacturer’s defects. Should there be any issue, we will access the situation and offer either a repair, refund or replacement.



Our wood slabs require minimum maintenance with normal usage. Our imported coating creates a waterproof layer on the wood by interacting with the wood pores. Unlike conventional chemical-based coatings like lacquer or polyurethane, our plant-based coating is not only resistant to liquids and scratches, they are also not harmful to our bodies. (Mummies and daddies could not agree more).

Just like any other tables, put a placemat before placing an extremely hot item on it, wipe down the table after each use with a moist cloth will do. As users ourselves, we need to ensure the table is there to serve you and your family and not the other way around.

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